Our School

We are in our Thirtieth (30th) year of offering high quality Nursery and Primary Education here in Lagos. We stand for traditional values, complimented by a modern approach to Teaching and Learning.

We focus on the individual and offer a learning environment designed to support our children to reach their full potential.

Our purpose built Nursery department gives children of 3 years a “head start” in educational development of key skills which is the foundation for future academic success.

We have a good teacher/pupil ratio in the Nursery section of the school to guarantee every child, individual attention needed to secure a confident start in the school.
Our Nursery children are offered priority places in our thriving Primary Schools, where our excellent results and National Common Entrance Examinations speak for themselves.

Prime Montessori School is known as the “Big School with Big Dreams”.  It is where systematic and carefully designed and executed academic curriculum has helped pupils develop their knowledge and focus on their academics to ensure that their dreams come into reality.

Prime Montessori School is a unique school of academic excellence in the private education system with clear mission of turning out pupils whose upbringing both academically and morally conforms to societal norms and acceptance.  Through sustained scholarship and learning Programmes, the school has been able to discharge its corporate citizen responsibilities creditably well.

Our motto “Quest for Excellence” has always been and will always be.  It has in no small way had great influence on whoever passes through the portals of this great school.  Yet, excellence should not be an exception, but a prevailing attitude and habit.  Excellence should be exhibited in everything that we do.  Excellence is an attitude, an unconscious desire to accomplish things excellently that would make us not meet but surpass expectation.

Over the last 30 years, Prime Montessori School has Graduands, now alumni, who professions include: Medical Doctors, Lawyers, Pilots, Pharmacists, Engineers, Educationists etc., most of whom have continued to keep in touch with their Alma Mater through various social media platforms.  We are indeed grateful to God for giving us the enablement and wherewithal to make this humble contribution towards the moulding of the lives of these young ones

In affirmation to the above assertion, these Graduands have already passed with distinction, various Common Entrance Examinations to top Grade Secondary Schools such as Louis Ville Girls, Faith Academy, Babington Macaulay Junior Seminary School, St. Gregory’s College, CMS Grammar School, Igbobi College, Yaba, Kings College, Queens College, Unity Schools and many others.

For the junior colleagues behind, consider this advice: Be focused, only an eagle can see with the eyes of eagle, only great men will see with the eyes of greatness.  My dear pupils, be confident, be bold and be focused.  Surely, you shall be great.  When predicament erupts like magma and signs of non-achievement are all that surrounds you, confidence will keep you standing, boldness will give you strength and focus will keep you going, heading to the island of your destiny.  When focus combines with determination, unstopple force will emerge bull-dozing every obstacle out of the way!  Though the road may be rough, though circumstances may be unfavourable, yet, with focus, you will achieve your goal in life.  The heart of a focused person is the FOUNDATION FOR SUCCESS.