Sports & Activities

Theoretical Physical Education principles learnt in the classes are given full expressions in the following available sporting activities in the school, namely, track events such as running, relay races and fields athletic events such as long jump, high jump etc. Other avaliable sporting events are basketball, table tennis, football, rope skipping etc for upper Primary while the lower Primary has a fully equipped playground as well as some other outdoor games.

Alamanda House: The Alamanda House, whose adopted colour is  yellow, is named after the Alamanda flower. It is a very common flower indigenous to the tropical regions and so it is very abundant in Nigeria. Its very sublime but outstanding beauty and attractive flowery colour of yellow, make a quiet, but strong and overpowering statement in naturally blue, a principal colour of the habitat of this lovely species of fish.

Dolphin House: The Dolphin House, is named after the Dolphin fish, one of the best known and friendliest fishes of seas. It’s gracefulness, sleek body and intelligent nature are attitudes which endear it to tis numerous human admirers. The adopted colour for this house is naturally blue, a principal colour of the habitat of the lovely species of fish.

Eagle House: The Eagle House, whose adopted colour is  green is named after the eagle bird, an important species of the aves group. The bird is noted for its legendary strength, good vision and extraordinary vigilance. It is no small wonder then that the eagle is widely adopted as National symbol of nations across the world, such as Nigeria, United States of America etc.

Stallion House: Finally, the last but in no way the least is the fourth school house named after Stallion, with red as its adopted colour. The Stallion is a thoroughbred animal of the male species, symbolising agility, strength and extreme perseverance