Societies & Clubs

At Prime Montessori School, we believe in a holistic approach to education and the school offers Learners a wide variety of extra-curricular activities which are channelled through the following Societies/Clubs operational in the School.

  • Football (Academy) – Boys and Girls Brownies
  • Girls Guide
  • Boy Scout (Ages 6+)
  • Cub Scout (Ages 3-5)
  • School Choir
  • Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Fine Arts
  • Junior Engineers/Technicians (JETS) Club
  • Literacy/Debating Club
  • Press Club
  • Cultural Troupe etc.
  • Red Cross Drama
  • French
  • Ballet
  • Taekwondo etc

Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts association is one of the oldest clubs in the school with a membership strength of about 150. As a popular voluntary organisation noted for character moulding, sound moral, physical and academic upbringing, the club has lived up to its expectation since its inauguration in the school some fifteen years back. It engages members in challenging activities both within and outside the school. All members of the club are taken through some training in first aid, parade drill, crafts and wood work.

The core programme also affords members the opportunity to learn more about the Scout Badge, Scout Handshake, Scout Salute, Scout Sign, camping etc while at the same time it offers boy’s participation in family-centered activities, community service and rewarding camping experiences.

The club meets weekly under the leadership of Scout Masters who are members of the school staff assisted by a number of others.  

Girl Guides

The Girl Guides in Prime Montessori School meets weekly on Thursdays during the term. It is for girls between the ages of 8 – 10 years old. Girls below this group are encouraged to join the Brownies. The club has been participating in outdoor programmes as “Thinking Day” which is held annually. Furthermore, members also visit the motherless babies home, hospitals, orphanages etc to render some assistance in areas of washing, cleaning and cooking as well as making material donations in form of food, clothing and money.

The main thrust of the activities of this club centres on teaching and inculcating the habit for members to be useful children at home by undertaking core domestic work such as cleaning, sweeping, washing clothes etc. Other areas focussed on are developing capacity for members to successfully undertake cooking, sewing and mending of clothes etc.

The club which has a membership of about one hundred and eighty girls in the upper primary school, also has about six Guiders and a good number of assistants in charge of the movement.  

The Brownies

The Brownies is a junior subsidiary of the Girl Guides Club inaugurated on Thursday 12th December 1996 in the school. It is one of the oldest voluntary organisations in the school with the intention of training and inculcating young girls with good moral standards as well as providing them the avenue for them to learn the core principles of the Brownies movement such as how to lay a dinner table, sew and mend clothes, clean the house, arrange things in the living room, cook simple dishes, etc. Thus at the early age of members, they are already made to appreciate the value of lend a helping hand to their parents at home.

Our Brownies have participated in a number of activities outside the school, such as Anniversary Celebrations of Lagos Girl Guide, Brownies/Girls Float, Thinking Day, Health and Safety Lectures, etc. The Brownies meets weekly under the leadership of a number of Brownies Mistresses.  

Literary and Debating Society

This is also one of the earliest clubs formed in Prime Montessori School. It is undoubtedly the prime and very active club that every pupil wants to join because it commands very high respect in the school. The society takes part in a lot of Inter and Intra School Junior Debates, as well as in the State Spelling Bee competitions, Poetry, Drama etc.

Over the years, the club has emerged as qualified contestants at the Lagos State Educational Award Competitions level. Indeed a pupil of the school emerged as the overall winner (Best Pupil) in the 2008 edition of the Award with an academic scholarship worth of fifty thousand naira (N50,000). The club is under the guidance of a number of senior teachers and assistants. It has a membership strength of one hundred pupils.